Value $1

THU THU CAPSULES 30 Caps - Cough, Chest Infection/Herbs For Good Health, Cough, Chest Cold,Bronchitis, Asthma $15.00
ADA CAPSULES 30 Caps - Antispasmodic, Expectorant, Germicide Diuretic/Allergic Rhinitis $15.00
VISHNU CAPSULES 30 Caps –Increase Lung Immunity $15.00
K. KATHRI CAPSULES 30 Caps –Prolonged phlegm/Prolonged cough $15.00
MUS MUS CAPSULES 30 Caps - Antibacterial Expectorant, Allergy $15.00
COUGHCURE SYRUP 120 ML – All types of cough – non Alcoholic/non Drowsy $10.00
Natural Herbal Mix 100 gms - Expels internal gas, ease bowel movement/Enhances appetite /keeps body warm esp., for those who are exposed to air-condition. Helps to invigorate respiratory function, strengthens body system to prevent coldness & enhances the digestive function also ease sore throat discomfort. Helps to prevent nausea and effectively dispels ‘wind from ladies in confinement