Our History

Who are the founders of Siddha Medicine?

The Siddha system is an indigenous traditional system of medicine founded by spiritual scientists known as Siddhars. It has been practiced for more than 2000 years in India. It is also a contemporary medical system just like Ayurveda. It has its oldest references in Thirumoolar’s Thirumandhiram, Thiruvalluvar’s Thirukural and also in Tholkappiyam, the Tamil literary encyclopaedia. Moreover, 18 Siddhars have contributed numerous medicinal literary texts to elucidate the Siddha system. Siddha medicine is unique among Indian Systems of Medicine, and its practice is highly developed in Tamilnadu, India.

Siddha is a holistic system of medicine, which treats the body, mind and the soul. It includes a special group of herbs called Kaya Kalpa Herbs (Rejuvenation, Longevity and Eternal Youth), which not only treat but also prevent disease (both therapeutic and prophylactic). It is not only a medical system, but also a way of life teaching and enlightening how to lead a healthy life physically, mentally, and spiritually.