Patient Name Mr. Muthusamy
Patient Age : 25 years
Condition : LEUCODERMA –
Area of skin that has white patches from congenital albinism or acquired absence or loss of melanin pigmentation, also call vitiligo.

Patient Name : Mr. Mariappan
Patient Age : 80 years
Condition : Severe Oedema or Edema
Patients Medical History: Diabetic. Blood Pressure N High Cholesterol

2 Sep 2015 Re: Thank you letter I first met Dr. Sheila in the year 2004 when I had very bad dry cough for weeks. My friend told me about Siddha Maruthuva & Ayurvedic Gurugulam Pte Ltd and took me there. Dr. Sheila met me and she asked several question and later listened to my pulse. After that she explained that I have severe internal heat and told me to follow certain procedure and gave me few herbal capsule and syrup. She asked me to see her again after a week if the cough persists. I returned home and took my first dose. Within hours after consumption the herbal medicine, my cough slowing down and that night I slept peacefully. My cough disappeared by end of the week. This incident created better trust with the doctor and Siddha medicine, even since than Dr. Sheila has become my personal doctor companion and I have been taking herb medicine from her for years now. She also prescribed homeopathy medicine when I suffered from insomnia recently. What I admire and like about Siddha Maruthuva & Ayurvedic Pte Ltd is, they are precise with diagnostics, straight forward and truthful about our condition, they don’t pressure us with product purchases and over promise. I want to thank both Dr. Sheila and her panel of natural healers for the services. Sincerely, Puvaneswari.

Patient Name : Puvaneswari
Patient Age : 42 years
Condition : Swollen Leg

Patient Name : MuhdRaiyaan
Patient Age : 6 years
Condition : Eczema

To whom it may concern, My spouse and I have been married for 7 years. We decided we were ready to try for a child 2 years ago. However, we had problems conceiving. A year later, we turned to medical intervention but to no avail. Doctors discovered a fibroid in my womb and my husband’s fertility report showed below average results. These of course lowered our chances of conceiving. We were disappointed and stressed. I fell into depression and had severe anxiety. After hearing about Siddha Maruthuva Gurugulam, we paid them a visit. We met Madam Shila Kaur and Mr. Muniandy who patiently listened to our predicament. They prescribed some herbal traditional medicines for both of us to enhance our chances of conceiving a child. Madam Shila Kaur provided traditional massages for me every fortnight and prescribed Bach flower remedies to alleviate my mental stress. Mr. Muniandyguided us through prayer methods and highly blessed the medicine given to us. Both Mr. Muniandy and Madam Shila Kaur were very supportive and caring throughout the entire treatment. At times, they even spent long periods of time speaking kind words and reassuring us that all would be well. They are highly knowledgeable in traditional medicines. Thus, my spouse and I felt very confident of the treatment. By the third month our prayers were answered. I was pregnant and gave birth to a healthy child early this year. We are ever thankful to Madam Shila Kaur and Mr. Muniandy for their excellent service and caring support. Sincerely, Mr and Mrs Anand.

Patient Name : Mr and Mrs Anand
Patient Age : 33 years
Condition : Infertility