Why should I choose Indian herbal medicine?

Siddha System of medicine believes in holistic approach to mankind, it treat the patients mentally and physically thus healing the diseases. It is a natural therapy, and you don’t have to take it lifelong.

Can I take herbal medicine if I am taking western medicine?

Yes, you can certainly take our herbal medicine, when you take Western medication, as we do not import herbal medicines with interact with Western medicines.

Will the herbal medicine effect the western medicine that I am taking?

No, in fact it will complement the western medicine which you are taking.

How till the medicine takes effect?

This differs from Patient to Patient and also depends on the duration of the ailment

Should I discontinue taking the medicine the moment am cured?

This again depend on the type of ailments you are suffering from, and also if it is a chronic problem we would advise you to wean off gradually.

Can I give my child herbal medicine?

Yes, you certainly can

Is it worth taking herbal medicine?

Yes, 100 pct.

Do the medicines cause drowsiness?

Not at all