About us

Siddha Maruthuva N Ayurvedic Pte Ltd has helped thousands of patients for the last 25 years. We have cared more children as young as few months old to ripe old age elders. Our patrons are made up of both locals and foreigners and they have benefited from our 100% natural medicines and holistic therapies. We start with nadi( pulse reading) diagnostics, observation and questioning, and then will offer advises and options according to our patients health conditions based on root cause of their diseases. Treatment will be based on diet nutrition and Herbs and herbal formulas and therapies.


Our mission is to treat and cure illnesses  using 100% chemical free Indian herbal products that has no bad side effects to the human body and environment. We are committed to treat patients with chronic disorders like Asthma, Blood Pressure, Diabetic, etc with herbal medicine instead of Chemical Based Medications.


  • To bring people back to nature and to show the nature’s healing power.
  • To open up more outlets locally and overseas.
  • To increase knowledge about  benefits of Indian herbs.
  • Involve in philanthropic and giving back to the community projects such as caring for the needy and less fortunate ones
  • Offering the best siddha/ayurvedic medicines and therapy.

We are dealing with 100% internal and external Indian herbal medicine that has no chemical.  The internal medicines are in capsules form for easy consumption to suit today’s way of life.